Unlovable Decade

by The ceiling stares

Deckard's a man He's no replicant It's in his eyes There's so soft and warm He'll do the things you always ask him to A country trip in the afternoon You failed the Voight-Kompff The shoulder of Orion Deckard's no man He's a replicant It's in the future Retrofitted past Implications of technology A broken thing that doesn't dream Origami
Poor Sailor 04:15
The arm is dead just like Jacob Fresh disasters are advancing You building a roof like there is no tomorrow The blood by slow degrees The monkees and the sorrowful noise Easy to know what is wrong Something is calling me to leave it all behind Difficult to figure out what is right Easy and Difficult "I will be back soon" said the Poor Sailor The arm is dead just like Rachel She knew the moon was too far it didn't matter that if Thomas saw it too The arm is dead we need a coffin The corpse was full of salt The children pulled the salt from his nails
The land is still here It remains another world Over and over a need for exploring Light a cigarette and pose in front of a corvette We're building a framework A temporary treatment for success This once was the most wonderful place on Earth Room after room of unreliable time machines Find a generation's worth in the distance is a loaded skyline Mile after mile on the freeway seeing no one talking to no one Abandoned 405 I feel so good when the hills are burning I feel so good when the houses are falling I feel so good when the ocean is boiling I fee so good wen the Earth is moving If we all die at the same time then we'll all go somewhere else together.
Mathematics 01:37
Singularity 06:33
The clues are in the movies The future is filled with guts and gore My daughter is dating a robot The son of a cyborg millionaire On the surface the tine heap is a funny dude Observational humor and ironic cool He's a stud he'll be a star Every circuit lighting off Glowing eyes are watching in the dark Astro turf no need for atom bombs Pretty skies above your crying mom Plate techtonics Earthquakes Neutron glare Mother nature doesn't really care.


Unlovable Decade is a collection of tunes that present the best and worst of California. The tone is influenced by people who have captured the essence of what makes this place amazing and terrifying. In addition, Poor Sailor is a homage to the gut punching comic by Sammy Harkham.


released August 31, 2015

Steve with help from:
Jody Perigo
Dustin Addis
Bobby Debolt


all rights reserved



The ceiling stares Los Angeles, California

The position demands hitting enter then delete millions of times, pounding on strange keyboards, slapping typos on multiple buzzing monitors while editing, questioning and searching for characters to tell the story of the beginning and ultimately the end. ... more

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